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Come network, enjoy great music, food and drinks! Purchase my New International Best Selling book 12 Months to a Better YOU! A portion of the proceeds will help us to continue to offer FREE services at Fresh Spirit Wellness for Women, benefiting survivors of Domestic violence! Also while you are there sign up for a free consultation to get your book published! Hope to see you there!

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  • Founded and managed a Non profit organization for 20 years.
  • Graduated Summa cumlaude a with a doctorial degree.
  • Authored 4 published books and working on the 5th.
  • An International speaker, has had her own T.V. show and currently has her own radio show.

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Find out the skills she USE AND TEACH!

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Lisa Amosu
  I've known Conte for many years but it wasn't until June of 2015 when I needed "Dr. Dr-Conte Terrell." Her organization helped me through a very dark and abusive situation. Through the education and resources that were provided to me, justice was served and healing took place. Thank you again for all you do in the community. 
Terri Dunn
 I have known Dr. Conte for several years she has counseled me over the years through very difficult times her wisdom has been a great comfort to me and she has graced my life not only as a doctor but as a friend... Read more 
Karolyn Tristan
 My name is Karolyn and I am a victim of domestic violence consisting of physical, mental, and emotional abuse. I have been a victim of domestic violence since I was a child. From parents to spouse, my entire life has consisted of horrific situations of abuse. Read more 
Lois Hutcherson Jackson
 I met Dr. Conte many years ago when I was spiraling downward due to emotional hurt and depression. She helped me through those dark times and inspired me to move toward a better life. As a result of the help I received from Dr. Conte, I went on to earn a Masters degree in Christian Counseling so that I could also help others who are hurting. Read more