About Dr. Conte


Dr. Conte M. Terrell, “Dr. Conte” is one of the nation’s most sought after Domestic Violence Recovery Experts. She is an ordained minister, an electrifying speaker, counselor, coach; coveted author and talk/radio personality!  Dr. Conte is a survivor of a ten-year marriage to a physically abusive spouse.

This experience led her to speaking and empowering, individuals, families and leaders throughout the world and founding Fresh Spirit Wellness for Women Inc., in 1997, a non-profit organization for women, youth and families challenged by the crisis of domestic violence and sexual abuse. She has assisted thousands of women, couples and families in overcoming and healing from toxic and abusive relationships. Her awesome personal survival testimony has been seen, read, or heard, on television, radio, magazines and books. She has been trained and certified in numerous Domestic and Family Violence programs including the BIPP program (Battering Intervention Prevention Program) and the Texas Council on Family Violence.   “Understanding the Perilous Behaviors, Causes and Effects of VEPS (verbal, emotional, physical & sexual) Abuse” is among her published works.