Lisa Amosu
  I've known Conte for many years but it wasn't until June of 2015 when I needed "Dr. Dr-Conte Terrell." Her organization helped me through a very dark and abusive situation. Through the education and resources that were provided to me, justice was served and healing took place. Thank you again for all you do in the community. 
Terea Roland
 Dr. Conte has been a confidant through some extremely rough life moments. She was understanding when counseling me and shared great tools I needed to heal. Dr. Conte I wish you much success in the plan that God has for you! 
Joslyn Fairrow
  I have known Dr. Conte for several years. I met her at a women's conference she was speaking. I was a mess and didn't know it. Half way though her speaking L started crying. Could not stop. After it was over I sat at a table with a women who turned out to be Dr. Conte's mother. I was telling her how much I had enjoyed her daughter's talk I broke down again crying. She touched my hand and with that beautiful smile and said would you like to talk with my daughter. Just go over and talk to her. I did and that was the beginning of a beautiful client, and friendship. She is a wonderful counselor, author, speaker and life saver. Through her spiritual counseling and prayers my life was changed. 
Terri Dunn
 I have known Dr. Conte for several years she has counseled me over the years through very difficult times her wisdom has been a great comfort to me and she has graced my life not only as a doctor but as a friend...she has excelled in the things that she has done...and done everything she does with excellence...her understanding of deep things an able to teach it in simplicity is impressive to me...I love this woman and truly am inspired by her and everything she does... and I love how she's able to speak the truth but in love ... she is the real deal!!! 
Karolyn Tristan
 My name is Karolyn and I am a victim of domestic violence consisting of physical, mental, and emotional abuse. I have been a victim of domestic violence since I was a child. From parents to spouse, my entire life has consisted of horrific situations of abuse. If it were not for the education, the ability to listen, compassion, and understanding provided by the Godly women known as Dr. Conte Terrell, I would be nothing more than another statistic living in daily fear. She is far more than a counselor; she is an angel, allowing each client who walks through the front door the chance of achievement. With guidance and gentleness, the clients gain much more than anyone could possibly ask for: their dignity and their self-worth. I am so grateful for all Dr. Conte has done for me. I have learned that the abuse was not my fault and it’s okay to ask for help. She is admirable, and while we think we are weak and think that we can’t get help and that we can’t move on, she is strong for us and that helps to empower us and helps us to feel strong. Before Dr. Conte, I felt like I had no hope, like the only way out was death; for him, them or me. Meeting her has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. I got my hope, my spirit, and my pride back. Today, I feel like I can do it. Not only do I feel for once in my life that I am safe; I actually am safe. I have a hope and a future. I am on my way to a bigger, brighter and healthier tomorrow and I have been quickened to take the next step into my destiny with a renewed and fresh spirit. All thanks to Dr. Conte’s ability to provide support, encouragement and instruction through individual and group counseling as well as through poignant well written and thought provoking books. 
Lois Hutcherson Jackson
 I met Dr. Conte many years ago when I was spiraling downward due to emotional hurt and depression. She helped me through those dark times and inspired me to move toward a better life. As a result of the help I received from Dr. Conte, I went on to earn a Masters degree in Christian Counseling so that I could also help others who are hurting. I owe that all to Dr. Conte's guidance and support. Over the years, she has been my counselor, my coach, my mentor, and my friend. I know that we were divinely connected, and I thank God for placing her in my life!