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Virtual Counseling and Coaching

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Dr. Conte M. Terrell, “Dr. Conte” is one of the nation’s most sought after Domestic Violence Recovery Experts. She is an ordained minister, an electrifying speaker, counselor, coach; coveted author and talk/radio personality!  Dr. Conte is a survivor of a ten-year marriage to a physically abusive spouse.


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Dr Conte Terrell

Dr. Conte’s Speaking Topics

Power for Living Series for RECLAIMING YOUR POWER! These Power Strategies will take your life to the NEXT LEVEL and Get your Godfidence back! Here you will Learn the Art of Being Confident, Happy, Staying Positive and Living Victorious

12 Impactful (at your pace) Webinars to become your Best Self, Accomplish goals and Master Success in 1 year!

For Parents, Universities, Schools, Sports and Athletic Organizations, Advocates, Teachers and Educators, Trainers, Coaches, Parishioners, Police officers, Physicians and Mental health professionals, Cosmetologists & Leaders in the Community

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To invest in yourself means to invest in your future. Material things come and go, but your knowledge stays with you forever. By investing in a coach, training or counselor, you learn new things, thus becoming A Better YOU!  Whether it’s investing in learning a new skill, developing yourself personally or professionally, tapping into your creativity, removing limiting beliefs and overcoming past hindrances will take you and your family to the level you’ve always dreamed of!